ST301 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge
ST301 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge

ST301 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge

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Stove Thermometer ST301

The ST301 temperature gauge is the newest temperature gauge in our range. With its sleek design, it will more than compliment your wood burning stove.  The gauge has an easy to read display, so it tells you how hot your stove is burning. It displays the optimum burn temperature to prevent the risk of tar build up and excessive fuel use.

Note: The stove thermometer can be placed on the front, back, top, side or curved surface.  Because of the thermometer’s strong magnet and design it can hold on up to 400°C.

Our quality temperature gauges don't flake, peel or bubble like some gauges on the market place and also provide an accurate temperature reading.  Because we take great pride in our production quality as a manufacturer, temperature reading accuracy is of the upmost importance.  We know poorer quality exists and causes many issues in over burn and damaging consequences of over burn.

  • Prevent the risk of your stove overheating
  • Easily monitor the optimum burn but
  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Monitor flue pipe temperature
  • Strong internal magnet
  • Brilliant design
  • Height 10mm
  • Diameter 65mm

You can check out our ST201 or ST101 for different design options.  These temperature gauges are very popular and are sold globally as well as domestically including Europe.  The three designs are different to help you decide on the style.  Either half moon, solid round or round with curved groove.  Which one do you prefer?

Safety First

Stove thermometer are the safest way to ensure your wood burning stove or fireplace burns at the best optimum temperature ensuring less build up or unwanted soot or toxins within the system.  Temperature gauges are also essential for making sure stove fans are not heated to a too high a temperature and that your woodburner burns efficiently.  These gauges are made to the highest standard of accuracy.