ST201 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge
ST201 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge

ST201 Thermometer Magnetic Flue Gauge

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ST201 Thermometer 

The ST201 thermometer temperature gauge has a sleek modern design which will more than compliment your wood burning stove or flue pipe. The gauge has an easy to read display which tells you how hot your stove is burning. It displays the optimum burn temperature to prevent the risk of tar build up and excessive fuel use.

The ST201 thermometer is a nice add on for your stove fan to monitor the optimum burn zone for the efficiency and safety of your fan preventing peltier burnout.

Burning your stove at the optimum range ensures you are receiving the best fuel usage against heat generated.  Over burning can cause harm to your fire and also can cause damage to your stove fan due to overheating. Over burning or over firing as it is known, has little benefit and also allows for soot and creosote to build up which in turn can cause damage to the flue by the cause of unsafe temperatures in the chimney or flue.  Each manufacturer design their stoves for a maximum output of heat depending on the size.  A ST201 thermometer can help with this check.  For further information on the recommended burn rate capacity, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer for more information.

UK Stove Fans design and sell products to help keep your stoves burning at the optimum capacity and also help keep you safe through awareness of temperatures.

Note: The thermometer can be placed on the front, back, top, side or curved surface. The thermometer’s strong magnet and design can hold on up to 400°C.


  • Prevent the risk of your stove overheating
  • Easily monitor optimum burn
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitor flue pipe temperature
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Strong internal magnet
  • Brilliant design

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  • 60mm Diameter
  • Internal Magnet