Ash Vacuum

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The Ash Vacuum by UK Stove fans is a purpose built particle collector.  Designed for small particle dust collection and a metal rimmed lid, this vacuum is all set for your fire waste.

  • Universal Vacuum Cleaner for Cold Wood Chips, Metal Chips, Glass Chips, etc
  • Flexible Metal End Cap
  • Fire Retardant Cloth Filter
  • Washable Filter
  • 15L Metal Tank
  • 800W
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty


Clean up ash without causing any mess with our new ash vacuum. The UK Stove Fan  vacuum is designed to safely extract cold ash from the fireplace, stove, wood burner or barbeque.
The filter system catches the finest ash particles and helps prevent them from being recirculated around the room.  Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, these prevent filters from becoming clogged and maintain effective suction.

Storing up to 15 litres of cold ash before the vacuum needs to be emptied. Filters can be safely removed, and the ash disposed of safely and cleanly. The vacuum has a handle so you can carry it safely. Engineered for safety in performance, the vacuum is your ash buddy.

Our certificated RoHS and CE Compliant Vacuums are part of our quality range of fireside accessories.  We only bring you the best in quality and standards.

Did you know we sell Ash Carriers too.

  • Vacuum Pressure - Over 16.5KPA
  • Noise (dBA) - 74
  • Volume (L) - 15
  • Rated Power (W) - 800
  • Voltage - 220-240
  • Plug - BS Plug (UK Standard)
  • Power Cord - 2.5 metre Total
  • Hose Length - 1 metre

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